The Reading Caterpillar : A Book Club for Children in Delhi

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Young children need activities that are fun, creative, fuel imagination, keep them busy and leave potential for more. Books, through their stories and imagery combine it all!

As mothers ourselves, we have a fantastic time when reading with our own kids. We have tried to build on that experience and personally handpicked each and every book with care and attention keeping in mind the content, the quality of the drawing and the interests that children can be sensitised to at that age. Our mission at Reading Caterpillar is to be able to share that joy with as many mothers as we can and our books are our key medium to achieve this mission.

Our reading sessions are planned in advance, keeping in mind a theme for each term. Through the stories and pictures, the children are encouraged to create their own imaginative world, expand their language and get an exposure to art. The sessions will be interactive & fun, and depending on the age group and the book, different stimulations like using puppets, dramatised reading, rhymes and voice intonations will be used.

According to the theme or the illustrations of the book, we will carry out specific artistic activities. The activities will have a different medium and support for the child to discover. Each session is for an hour, starting with a settling down period, the story time and the artistic activity. After this, the children and grown-ups have some free reading and browsing time. Books can also be borrowed.

The Reading Caterpillar is located in Delhi. Read more about this library here.

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