Read ‘???? ?? ??? ?????? ?????’ and Celebrate the Joy of Reading

The third story that is part of StoryWeaver’s Weave-a-Story campaign is up! We hope you’ve been waiting for this story, since we had already announced its arrival. Well, all we can say is that it was well worth the wait. 

“???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ????? ???? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ??????????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ????”

“Living close to a garbage dump, these children run around garbage all day, without going to school. But then one day, Didi walks into the dump, changing their lives forever. Meet Didi and her young friends in this wonderful story that celebrates the joy of reading.”

Click here to read the original version in Hindi. You can also read the English version here.

Writtten by Rukmini Banerji and illustrated by Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, ‘Didi ka Rang Biranga Khazaana’ captures the joy of reading in a spectacularly imaginative way. We also loved the way this story gets progressively happier, and how it has been conveyed so enchantingly through both the text and illustrations. Rukmini is the CEO of Pratham, and Kaveri is an independent illustrator and comics-maker based in Bangalore. 
The Weave-a-Story campaign celebrates the joy of stories as well as languages. With 4 specially curated stories being released on every Tuesday of September, we hope that our community can help give them wings by translating them into many different languages. You can read more about them and StoryWeaver’s ‘Weave-a-Story’ campaign here.
Since this story is in essence a celebration of reading, we hope it will inspire many, many more of you to translate it into languages you are fluent in. The more translations there are, the higher likelihood of children being able to read it in languages of their choice. So read, translate and have fun weaving!
The first story (‘It’s All the Cat’s Fault‘) under the ‘Weave-a-Story’ campaign inspired 14 versions. And the second story (‘Ammu’s Puppy‘) inspired another 11 versions. If you find that these stories are not available in languages of your choice, please do translate it. And if you’d like to us to add a language that is not already available on StoryWeaver, do write to us at [email protected]

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