Ramleela strikes again, this time with a difference

After the monsoons and just before the winters come calling is a period of time which is full of festivities. The magnificent Navratri is more than just dancing away doing the Garba and the Dandiya. Each day has a unique significance, a rich historical legacy and story of celebration.
The festival is a commemoration of the triumph of good over evil. The legend of Prince Ram artfully and dramatically put forward in an enjoyable way for anyone and everyone. Ramleela is not just a story telling blog but an experience one must not miss.
From the blog:
Ramleela is a resource site for youngsters who are fond of stories and love to act. This site will provide fun and interesting plays for young people of different age groups which they can act out themselves among friends or siblings at home or in the neighbourhood. The plays are simple and short, with no elaborate preparations or extensive caste required. A couple of cut-outs or props made of chart paper and simple homemade costumes, and you’re all set to perform. The dialogues are ready for you to learn, and if you want to create your own, well, so much the better!

Read more about Ramleela here.


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