Radha Ramachandran’s Illustrations

The internet is a lovely thing. We saw Radha Ramachandran’s illustrations on Flickr and were then led to her blog and from then on, a lot of time was spent looking at her illustrations. My absolute favourite illustration if of ‘Reynold Reeds who is good at spitting seeds’. Doesn’t it bring a big wide grin on your face (and maybe even ideas of playfully pelting people with seeds)?

And what about ‘Sugary’? The three girls seem to be taking their tea drinking session very seriously. And can you spot who has a weakness for sugary tea?

Love the expressions that Radha’s characters have (and their hairstyles too).

From the looks of it, Radha likes participating in the Illustration Friday competitions. So, if you follow her blog, you will probably get to view a visual treat quite often. You can follow Radha’s blog or browse through her Flickr photostream or visit her website.

Image Source: Radha Ramachandran


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