A Psychedelic Library Bus

Swedish design firm Muungano have won the Swedish Library Bus of the Year award (who knew there was such a thing?) for a library bus made for the town of Kiruna.

Psychedelic rainbows of colors cover the interior and exterior of the bus, with graphics designed by THEY GRAPHICS. It’s not just for decorations either. The northern town of Kiruna suffers from a lack of sunlight during a large part of the year, and the bus will be “like a lantern” to attract people and brighten its surroundings, according to Peter Thuvander, one of the designers.

The bus carries books, music, periodicals and provides internet access, a small cinema to view movies and comfortable listening stations. Besides distributing printed and digital media, the bus will act as a meeting place for different groups from the community.

More pictures here and here.


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