Pratham Education Fellowhsip

What is the Fellowship?

The Pratham Education Fellowship is a full-time, paid commitment that aims to develop talented graduates and young professionals into leaders within the education sector of India. Fellows will work in various different roles, directly impacting low-income schools.
The fellowship program provides a challenging opportunity with on the ground experience in implementing large-scale education interventions. Pratham will provide fellows with rigorous initial training followed with ongoing skill and leadership development.
In the upcoming year both available fellowships will be with the Learn, Out of the Box Program.

What Fellowships are offered?

We are currently offering two distinct fellowship opportunities:
  • Management Fellowship – A two year fellowship program where fellows will develop their management skills by directly managing a field team of up to 10 people to implement the project in specific states.
  • Training Fellowship – A one year fellowship program where fellows will be developed into Master Trainers who will then work directly and closely with school teachers, providing them training and support through the program.
Learn more about the fellowship. The deadline for the fellowship is 4th January 2013, 5:00 PM IST.

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