Who is going to illustrate our ‘Internet Book’?

Pratham Books’ search for an illustrator for our proposed book about the Internet is over. We have found the illustrator for this book,through the Internet, of course!

First of all, a big thank you to all the people who sent in entries after reading our blogpost Calling Illustrators for a Book about the Internet! We could not acknowledge each contestant individually, but we do wish to say to each of you how touched we are with your work and your enthusiasm. The quality of work that was sent was so good that we do hope to work with many of you on other books in the future. It’s a pity that many contestants who first sent us their portfolios could not follow up with sending samples on time owing to other deadlines.

The world wide web is indeed wonderful for it got us entries from across the globe: from many parts of India, from Cannada, Texas, Colombia, and Argentina, and from an Irish illustrator working in Germany! We wish to specially thank the following illustrators who sent in samples. Wherever available, we have provided hyperlinks to the respective websites here so that the whole world can see their talent:
Pallavi Verma, Lavanya Karthik, Kanika Nair, Mumul Rastogi, Aruna Rangarajan, Avik Kumar Maitra, Ramya Sriram, Smitha Sudhakaran, Elena Duff, Madhurima, Prosenjit Roy, Angela Gallo, and Mollie Gates.

And the person who gets commissioned to do our book about the Internet is……… Kanika Nair from Jaipur! Congratualtions, Kanika!

We believe Kanika’s style of illustration and the samples she sent suit the nature of this particular book. We do look forward to working with the other talented illustrators on other book projects. Till then, we do hope you get to illustrate many delightful children’s stories. Thank you all once again.

Image: A sample of illustration sent by Kanika Nair. This may or may not be used in the book.


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