Pratham Books on Teachers of India Platform

Teachers! Our books are slowly being uploaded to the Teachers of India platform. 
Proposed by the National Knowledge Commission in 2008, the portal, an initiative of Azim Premji Foundation, is a platform for teachers, teacher educators and others working in education in India.
The Teachers of India Portal aims to create a vibrant community of teachers through the sharing of knowledge and experience on a common platform. The range of teaching and learning resources available to teachers on the portal will enrich their knowledge of subject content and pedagogy, demonstrate new approaches to classroom practice and provide concrete support in the form of teaching/learning material.
On why our books were chosen : 

The Teachers of India portal creates, collates, collects and disseminates resources which teachers can transact in the classroom to increase literacy rates among India’s children. Pratham Books has supported us in this effort by sharing more than 100 titles in five languages. This partnership is sure to yield fruitful results due to the relevance and versatility of their books.

 The books are being uploaded to their platform. So, hop over and download them for your classroom. You can also find more classroom resources here.


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