Pratham Books and Zee JLF Outreach : Reaching a New Generation of Literature Lovers

Are you gearing up for the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival? We are going to be there and many of our new books are going to be waiting for you too!

But long before we start preparing to come for the the Jaipur Literature Festival, we start planning the JLF Outreach. In it’s seventh year, the JLF- Pratham Books Outreach Programme will reach out to over 125 schools across Delhi and Jaipur. The sessions in Delhi already started on the December, 11, 2017. The Jaipur leg of the outreach programme is taking place between January 15- 29, 2018.

Young children in school learn to interact with books in
many ways. As they learn language, they also get their first
taste of literature in their text books, library books and books
that their friends are reading. What can be more exciting for
them than to meet the authors and illustrators who create
these wonderful magical things called books!

The JLF Outreach takes the excitement of the world’s finest
literature festival right into their classrooms. Author
interactions, readings, exciting discussions, and tips on
writing…a truly rewarding experience for children and
authors as they come face to face. This is one exchange of
energy that can only have a positive outcome. The children
leave the session with their head teeming with new ideas and
their hearts full of the inexplicable joy of experiencing the
magic of the word. The authors always come away charged
with the energy that children carry- the energy of hope and

finding a new generation of readers.

Talks, readings, discussions, workshops, storytelling sessions
for children as young as three to young adults in college will
liven up the academic lives of more than 25,000 children. 
Some of the participating schools include Bhawani CDC, Smart Native International School, Seth Anandi Lal School for Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Prayas Centre Jagatpura, Government Upper Primary School Bandari ka Nasik, Government Primary School Badi Chaupad, MGD Girls’ School, Neerja Modi International School, Maheshwari Girl’s College, Bright Future English School and several others.
In previous years, the Outreach has covered more than
20,000 young and budding readers. Outstanding talents such
as Suvidha Mistry, Valentina Trivedi, Gilbert King, Cat
Weatherhill, Adam Johnson, Jerry Pinto, Ruth Padel,
Prashant Jha, Neel Mukherjee, Mandy Ord have transported
the magic of the ZEE JLF into classrooms for some

memorable sessions. S


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