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Sometimes travel facts come in the most unusual places. Yesterday at Arby’s my son received a fold out book on the Eiffel Tower in his kid’s meal. Very cool.

I learned a few things myself by folding the book out. Along with the standard info about the tower, such as when it was built (1889) and how tall it is (1063 feet), there are out of the ordinary details that people may not know.

Read on to learn a few of the facts the book handed out.And another travel related concept is a Postcard Travel Guide

While visiting Singapore, PSFK was introduced to a young designer named Linz Lim who has created an ingenious travel guide for a seven day trip to Beijing on the road less traveled. Called “A Little Beijing,” the publication stitches together photographs, maps and descriptions of quaint destinations throughout the city in the form of 60 postcards.

Each day, travelers follow pre-determined routes (outlined on a color coded map) and carry with them 10 corresponding post cards. Upon visiting a place, travellers scribble down their thoughts and mail them back home. Once they get back, a complete documentation of their trip should be waiting for them in the post.

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