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“Sketching is like yoga”, says Smitha Shivaswamy in a very serious tone. Having been hanging around with this group of sketchers for a good part of a precious Sunday morning, I cannot but agree. I am talking about Pencil Jam, a sketching club whose members every Sunday to do what they like to do best, sketch.

Smitha along with George Supreeth, and Prabha Mallya run an illustration firm called Pencil Sauce. They open up their Sundays to jam sessions, inviting anyone who is interested to try sketching.. They are just five sessions old, but they seem to be quite popular in the Facebook community.As Supreeth, Pencil Sauce’s Creative Director, guides the amateur artists to draw what they “see” and not based on techniques, it is easy to see why sketching is like yoga. You lose yourself in the subject and the city life takes a new meaning as you study the details and nuances of the scenes around you.A typical session starts off with Supreeth giving some quick notes on what sketching is and how to sketch. Smitha usually brings some extra sketch books and pencils for the first-timers who might have come unprepared. Through cups of teas and biscuits, they sketch anything and everything – people, daily scenes, trees, animals and lots more.

Read the entire article here. Visit their blog or join their facebook group.Image Source


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