Our Books Reviewed in Marathi Dailies

The Sunday edition of Loksatta ( May 30) has reviewed our books on children’s page with a good layout using covers of the books. The heading is – ‘ Sweet Stories’ .

Suchita Deshpande has introduced the books telling what the story is all about and in one para per book, she says:
Nono, The Snow Leopard- is a book published under a Read India imprint and is a wonderful book for the older children. The information about snow leopard is woven in a story format which is interesting. Moreover it helps in developing the right type of attitude towards nature and animal world.
Bhabhaloo is a story of a naughty and mischievous bear. He is passionate about doing something different. He is obsessed with the idea of going on the moon. He thinks that by climbing the tall deodar tree he will reach to the moon. What happens next? Does he reaches to the moon? A must read for children.
Too many Bananas is a pictorial story for the children between 3 to 6. It is illustrated by Anjie and Upesh and written by Noni. It is a story of Sringeri Shrinivas who grows sweet bananas. They are too many and no one wants to buy from him. What to do with all these bananas? Finally he finds the solution. What is it? And why all people are happy with this solution?
In the same review article two other books from Urja publication are also covered.
This article written by Manisha Nitsure  Joshi on our books ( May 8 ) is more like a review rather than mere introduction and covers PB and Raja Prakashan books.

From the Maharashtra Times – ????????? ????????? ??? ???
With the title – The new colors in the world of children – it says – There is a wonderful makeover in the book publishing brought out by colorful illustrations, quality printing and good content. Some publishers are experimenting with both form and content. Pictures and illustrations play very important role in children’s books. Pratham Books has made commendable effort in telling the stories with words and pictures also. The illustrations from Nono and Bhabloo (especially by Maya Ramaswami) are so communicative that, even a book of these pictures alone (without words ) can be published. The translation of Bhabhaloo by Meera Deshpande could have been better but still a good effort. Too many bananas tells a story of a banana farmer. The selection of the bold type, the proportion of text and illustrations and the paper quality makes this book attractive. The dictionary explaining words from Nono and the facts about bananas, scientific information on the last page make a very good value addition.
Pratham Books started in Bangalore with the initiative taken by Rohini Nilekani . It produces high quality affordable books in 5 Indian languages.
(Many thanks to Sandhya Taksale from our editorial team who found and translated these for us.)

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