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Here’s your chance to create some magic. Disney invites writers to pitch an original idea for children’s stories.

Storytellers are required to submit their original local storyline along any of the following themes:

Grandma’s story retold in today’s times: Take a story, legend, folklore, mythological tale or anything that fascinated you as a child and retell it in a way that captures everyone’s imagination.

Escapades of a gang of kids in the historical period of your choice: Capture a time in history that fascinates you and create the ultimate fantasy adventure with you as the central character (a king, princess, potter, weaver, etc).

School stories: Every school day brings joy, challenges and drama, known only to those who live it. So whether it’s a crotchety teacher, an exchange student or an elusive sports team, there are tales that can take readers through guffaws, intrigue and tears.

Cricket capers: Cricket unites and inspires everyone in India. Place yourself on the pitch and tell your cricket story – your personal story with cricket, how have our cricket stars inspired you, motivated you and got you to the top!

Pirates of the Arabian Sea: The wild winds from the seas carry stories only a few can hear. If you’re one of them, this is the time and place to divulge all.

Indian Princess Stories: Princesses – exquisite and dazzling or feisty and furious; born with a ruby-studded spoon in her mouth or with unlikely beginnings; a figment of your fantasy or a heroine of history. Tell us the story of a princess who inspires independence, kindness, giving, caring, adventure, friendship, love and happiness.

PRIZE: Rs. 50,000 and a once-in-a lifetime chance to get your stories published by Disney.

Closing date: March 31, 2011

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Last date for submission of entries : 31st March, 2011



Via The Hindu

The Indian Institute of Cartoonists conducts the third edition of The Maya Kamath Memorial Awards. Instituted in memory of the late Maya Kamath the competition covers two categories – The Best Political Cartoon Awards – 2010 and The Best Budding Cartoonist Awards – 2010.
The awards are open to all English and regional language cartoonists. For the best political cartoon award, participants can send a maximum of three published political cartoons. These cartoons should have appeared between January 1 and December 31, 2010. The entries for best budding cartoonist is open to those who are not more than 25 years and can send in a maximum of six of their published/unpublished cartoons and caricatures.

For more details participants can contact [email protected] or [email protected] last date for sending the entries is March 31.

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Via Abroo (via Chintan Girish Modi)

Deadline: 28th February, 2011

Abroo (????) is a soon-to-be-launched bilingual (English and Punjabi) print magazine which will cover the state of social, political, economic and religious affairs in Punjab, while also acting as the voice of weaker and oppressed sections of society. It aims to provide a scholastic, scientific and nonpartisan critique, free from superficiality or rhetoric.

We are seeking articles for the inaugural edition on varied themes like current affairs, politics, economics, sociology, theology, literature, art and poetry. Being a non-profit venture, remuneration should best not be expected. The submissions, ranging from 1000-6000 words, should be in English or Punjabi (eventually published in both).

The articles can be emailed to [email protected], along with a brief profile of the author, no later than 28th February, 2011.

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