One Day, One Story 2019: Krishna Chandran discusses creating Gappu Can’t Dance

Here’s a peek into our one-on-one with Krishna Chandran, where he discusses illustrating  Gappu Can’t Dance

Pratham Books: . Tell us a little about your experience in making Gappu dance? Any comments on exploring the GIF format?
Krishna: I was really excited about illustrating for Gappu Can’t Dance, the moment I read its story. Gappu being so different from the rest and yet trying to fit in and struggling at it is something we all can relate to in some way or the other and that makes Gappu adorable. I am predominantly an animation film maker and making these illustrations come to life as a GIF was really fun. It really helped to add a lot more energy to the images.

Pratham Books: Gappu has the cutest expressions, that makes her so relatable and well loved! Tell us a little more about how you drew her. 🙂
Krishna: I imagined Gappu as a goofy little girl who possibly isn’t the most elegant dancer. But she looks adorable nevertheless trying her best to dance. I doodled a few faces for her and I think managed to get what I had in mind on the third or fourth doodle and the Pratham team approved it right away. I tried to bring some kind of order to each page using the space and the actions of the characters and then make Gappu break this order by doing the opposite of what the others are doing. We made sure that Gappu looks like she is having fun even though she couldn’t dance.

Pratham Books: What would you like the children to ‘take home’ from the book? 
Krishna: In a time where inclusiveness of people who look or talk differently is a subject that is being discussed all over the world, Gappu can’t dance has talked about it in the most simplest manner and made it fun for any kid read. It also encourages every child to be themselves and not let anyone stop you from that.

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