One Day, One Story 2019: Activities for your session!

Here’s a list of activities you can use to make your One Day, One Story story reading session even more fun for the children! 

Gappu Can’t Dance (4-7 years)

  • Gappu’s Musical Chairs:
    An activity where the music is replaced by the storyteller saying the words – ‘tak din tak’- ‘tak dimi thai’- ‘tak dimi tak’ – ‘tak din thai’
  • Animal Dance: Name animals one by one, for which the children have to make the animal sounds and animal actions.
  • The Opposites Dance: Simple dance actions that involve the concepts of opposites. (Ex: Reach for the sky/touch the ground)
  • The Opposites Game – Walk / Stop / Up / Down / Left / Right  Instructions
    Tell people they will be following simple commands. The first two: When you say “walk” they will start walking around the space. When you say “stop,” they will stop where they are.Call out “Walk.” Then “stop.” And repeat as desired. “ Sit and Stand” “ Hip and Hop”. Next, tell everyone you are going to switch those two commands. Now when you say “stop” they should start walking and when you say “walk” they should stop walking.Call out “Stop.” Then “Walk.” And repeat as desired.Next, let them know you’re adding two more commands. When you say “Up” they lift their hand up. When you say “Down”, they put their hands down. The other two commands stay the same, so “Walk” means stop, “Stop” means walk, “Name” means say your name, and “Clap” means clap.Call out a combination of “Walk,” “Stop,” “Name,” and “Clap.” Repeat as desired.Finally, let them know you’re switching the last two commands. So “Walk” means stop, “Stop” means walk, “Up” means down, and “Down” means up.Repeat as desired. In X Out | Fast X Slow | Low x High | Up x Down | Left x Right
  • Rhyme and Dance Activity: Using popular rhymes that combine dance and learning.
    Ex: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes , The Boogie Woogie Dance

The Weightlifting Princess (6-14 years)

  • Gender Equality: Discuss with the class, about how Princess Nila competes and wins the Surya Championship – start a discussion about how boys and girls can do the same activities – discuss gender equality with them in simple terms.
  • Do you know how much it weighs?
    Provide the kids with simple objects of different weight and ask them to guess  their weights.
  • Scavenger Hunt & Sorting Activity: Create a scavenger hunt where children have to search for and find objects of different weights. Ex – 3 objects that weigh 200 gm, 1 red object that weighs 0.5 kg, etc. Then also ask them to sort these objects in groups of different weight categories
  •  Ask the kids about what is their favorite sport, and their favorite athlete – use this discussion as a means to talk about hard work and perseverance as important aspects in life. Use the example of Princess Nila and her determination to win the Surya Championship
  • Quiz Time:
    A few questions you can use to quiz the kids post the reading session,
    1. How much should Nila weigh if she has to take part in the contest? (Answer: 55 kg)
    2. What did she love to lift when she was young? (Answer: Cupboard, Tables, Chairs, Dogs and the King)
    3. What did Nila eat to put on weight? (Answer: Boiled Egg)

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