Of Pintu and π!

This Pi Day (3/14, as our American friends write it), we’re celebrating with a book that introduces children to the fascinating constant of π.

It isn’t easy for Pintu, the new boy in school, to break into existing groups of classmates – they all have circles of their own. So, he turns to another old friend of his: Numbers! Numbers, that, in turn, lead him to a new Maths teacher, and the endless mystery of π.

Read all about it in How Pintu Found Pi, written by Sarat Talluri Rao, illustrated by Aratrika Choudhury, and published on World Pi Day, 2019!

Pintu is lonely in his new school. Whenever he approaches his classmates, they form a closed circle. Then Pintu finds Pi.

You could also discover a host of exciting facts about π at Pi Day, a wealth of Pi-related information, resources, and even jokes. Dive deep into fractions with this article on how best to represent Pi. And find your very own Pi Day by entering your date of birth here, and seeing exactly where those six digits appear in Pi. (It works: mine is @ π digit 724,239!)

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