Newspaper Draws Front Page to Increase Readership

Yesterday, we were admiring the type book with no typesetting. Today, we saw this post about a newspaper that got an artist to draw its front page.

Art on Deadline: Turkish artist transforms Courier-Journal’s front page Art on Deadline: Turkish artist transforms Courier-Journal’s front page laurencw


Last Friday the Courier-Journal turned to craft to increase readership. The Kentucky paper published a front page that had been redrawn by the artist Serkan Özkaya with a team of students from the University of Louisiana.

Via courier-journal

The artistic rendering represents a public art partnership among the newspaper, a new local organization called artwithoutwalls and Turkish conceptual artist Serkan Özkaya.

Özkaya said his art is intended to make people “look at your experience in a new way.”Courier-Journal publisher Arnold Garson said the project intrigued him because it can generate discussion, and because it points out how art is a valuable part of everyday life.

“We are in the business of communication. This is just another way of doing that,” he added. “I hope it’s exciting, surprising to our readers.”

As you read and consume today’s Courier-Journal, the idea is that the newspaper shifts from its everyday perception as an object to read and then discard, and becomes an object to keep.This everyday experience of picking up the paper takes on new importance, said Özkaya, because only important objects — cultural icons like Michelangelo’s “David” — are worth re-examination and reproduction.

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