National Science Day: Discover the World of Oceans

Oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, and hold an amazing kaleidoscope of life. They also contain a wealth of beauty, mystery, and adventure. On the heels of National Science Day, here is a list of books that will take you to the bottom of the sea – from flying fish to robot marine life, you’re bound to return knowing more about oceans.

The Night the Moon Went Missing, written by Shreya Yadav, and illustrated by Sunaina Coelho: When the moon doesn’t rise from the sea one night, it is up to Maisha and her friend Uchli the flying fish to find her. But how can they look for the moon without any light?

Are you a Fish?, written by Shabnam Minwalla, and illustrated by Adrija Ghosh: There are some strange fish swimming in the sea. They are made of metal, foam and gel, and they hunt for smugglers and pirates. Would you like to see them?

DIVE!, written and illustrated by Rajiv Eipe: Take a dive with us into the spectacular world of coral reefs, and catch a glimpse of some strange and beautiful sea creatures!

Pishi Caught in a Storm, written by Manisha Chaudhry & Mala Kumar and illustrated by Sangeeta Das: Pishi was a huge manta ray fish. Once, when he was caught in a big storm in the Indian Ocean, guess who came to his rescue? Dive into this book for a dramatic story.

Turtle Story, written by Kartik Shanker and illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy: Can our little olive ridley turtle survive the dangers of the ocean? Will she make it past the deadly sharks and the terrible fishing nets and reach adulthood? Will she ever have the pleasure of laying her own brood of eggs? Find out in this charming life story of an olive ridley turtle, and meet several other interesting creatures along the way.

Happy reading!


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