Mythic Society in Bangalore Turns 100

Via Times of India

The beautiful colonial piece of architecture on Nrupatunga Road has dawned a new look. The Mythic Society, the premier institute of Indology and path-breaking studies, has just completed 100 years. The three-day valedictory celebrations were inaugurated on Sunday.

Formed in 1909 to study the culture of Mysore state, it has now evolved into a national organization that nurtures anthropology, epigraphy, numismatics, folklore, linguistics, south Indian history, archaeology, ethnology, mythology and religion.

“British officers wanted to know more about Mysore state, our culture, language and architecture. Seventeen members of the founding group were Britishers while only two were Indians. Later their interest encompassed whole of India and its culture,” explains managing committee member and centenary celebrations convener V Nagaraj, who has been with the society for over 30 years now.

Mythic Society has one of the best libraries in the world with over 40,000 books. These include some of the rarest books on Indology that are over 100 years old. The library also has reports on Indian life and culture, written by eminent British officers and scholars.

Many renowned personalities have been associated with the society. Scientist C V Raman used to be the president of the society; in 1919, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore delivered lectures on the influence of art on the Indian mind. In 1927 Mahatma Gandhi delivered a talk on `Harijan uddhara’ or liberating lower castes.

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  1. Anonymous September 13, 2009

    i want to purchase hindu mythological book Gokaran puran
    [email protected]

  2. Anonymous September 13, 2009

    Is that a book? Would you have a full name or publisher?


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