Motorbike Libraries in Uganda

We’re always thrilled to here about libraries and the work that people put in to take books to children. So, when we heard about the motorbike library, we had to share it with you.
John Katalaga climbs onto his motorbike taxi, or boda boda as they are called in Uganda, ready for another mission. To deliver storybooks to children in and out of Kampala as part of the Malaika Mobile Library – the first of its kind in Uganda. Rosey Sembatya used her savings to start the library. Even though Uganda is known to have a robust publishing industry, books for children are few and expensive. But the cost is not the worry….
Via BBC/News:

Getting Ugandans reading for pleasure is the challenge. As Mr Harrison Kiggundu of Fountain Publishers says, after years of cramming textbooks many people do not want to open another book after their studies.

Read the entire article here
And since it is school vacation time in most parts of India now, hope kids are having fun reading storybooks!

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