The Moksha Comic Series

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What happens to Hanuman after Ramayana? What was he doing in that period between Ramayana and the time he resurfaces in Mahabaratha? What if he lived in the mountains, meditating and also interacted with two mortal kids?

‘What if…’ is the liberty taken by the Moksha comic series brought out by Vimanika comics, which presents Indian mythology to the present generation in comics and graphic novel formats.

Moksha deals with the stories of the mythological characters Hanuman and Parashuram and their interactions in settings that we can relate to. That is the uniqueness of Vimanika comics — contemporizing Indian mythology. The Sixth: Legend of Karna for instance, narrates the tale of the mythical character Karna that runs a parallel story that deals with Karna’s reincarnation in the present times as a business tycoon.
“It is important for us to understand the value of our culture and get back to our roots,” says KaranVir Arora, Managing Director and Editor in Chief Vimanika. “The values and philosophy that our mythological stories teach are relevant even today and hence its importance in present times,” he adds. In fact, Vimanika’s latest release in the Moksha series The White Tiger and the Gift is mainly intended to make the youth aware about the Tiger conservation in India and around the world.

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