Mantra Lingua

If you have been looking for bilingual books, Mantra Lingua may be place to find them at.

Mantra Lingua is a UK based publishing house that supplies bilingual resources around the world. The products connect with and transcend national differences in a way that is respectful and appreciative of local cultures. The name Mantra Lingua is an amalgam between the Sanskrit and Latin, but Mantra also covers the Far Eastern and the African continents. Mantra Lingua is about connecting languages for children. With increased mobility of populations across the globe, e.g. Brazilians in Japan, Germans in Sweden, Indians in Gambia, Mantra Lingua has developed a set of values that stems from a desire to retain distinctness and yet encourage integration of new communities in various societies.
Mantra Lingua’s values are as follows:

  • To celebrate the cultural and linguistic nature of society and to establish a culture of tolerance and awareness in young people, both from the host and the new communities.
  • To provide resources for ethnic minority groups with strong central characters and community settings, to help build the child’s self esteem and social interaction.
  • To share across cultures the children’s books that are special – taking best selling well-known books and publishing them in as many languages as possible.
  • To provide teachers and librarians with creative resource materials, which are inclusive of all the community and are not dominated by one single culture.
  • To strive for innovation and creativity in learning methods, promoting the values of bilingualism not only to enhance language skills but also in the learning of the major national language.
  • To increase the awareness of the diversity of cultures and the enriching prospects for more cross-cultural activities and resources. Together these will make for a more global understanding of the nature and nuances of peoples from different countries or communities.

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