A Little Attribution Goes a Long Way!

The Bangalore Book Festival is taking place from 12th November, 2010 to 21st November, 2010. We received the official brochure for the book festival yesterday and when we looked at the pictures that adorned the cover, they looked rather familiar. Well, that’s because they were from one of our previous Annual Reports. We have uploaded all of our Creative Commons licensed images (and some copyrighted ones) onto our Flickr stream and often receive requests from people if they can use our content. Many leave links to the pages where our content has been used and we are always happy to see the derivatives that emerge from our work. The images used for the Bangalore Book Fair brochure are under CC-licenses… but we were just surprised to see that there was no attribution mentioned anywhere in the brochure (which is one of the things that the license asks for).
Nice to know that one of the pictures also seems to be part of their official logo!
Here are the original pictures:
You can find the above pictures on our Flickr stream : 1, 2 and 3
Here are the pictures on the Bangalore Book Fair brochure:
(The following images are from the brochure uploaded on http://bbpabangalore.org/ )


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