Leaping Windows Cafe and Comic Library

“How do you kill two hours in Andheri without involving a mall, Barista or traffic?” 

Enter Leaping Windows Café and Comic Library, a caped crusader saving Versova from boredom, and us from having to make up suitably exciting answers each time we are asked the above question. 

Started as an online and doorstep delivery comic book rental in 2010, Leaping Windows has finally opened its own space (they were supposed to launch in December), complete with a graphic novel library, kick-ass reading room and café to match. Marvel indeed! 

With well over 2,000 comic book titles on the shelves, you’ll be spotting more than a bird and a plane here. There are the usual suspects like Tin-Tin, Asterix, Calvin and Hobbes; a bunch of rare Alan Moore (of Watchmen fame) graphic novels; Marvel Comics’ superhero series and an impressive Manga range which gets updated frequently. Co-owner Bidisha’s favourites include her two Mad magazines she found at a Fort second-hand book stall and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics which are now out of print. Bidisha loves them so and she’ll be damned if they leave the library. Flip through these at Leaping Window premises, using the comfortable floor mats and cushioned seats at a pocket-friendly Rs 30 per hour. Now that’s a (comic) relief!

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