LeapFrog Tag Reading System

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Sometimes technology can engage new readers in a way paper books don’t. That’s the bet with LeapFrog’s Tag reading system, a wand that kids use to interact with books and other learning aids. The wand includes an optical reader to tell where it is on a page, and a speaker that is used to read the words or story to kids and gives them instructions for educational games.

The wand has an optical reader inside that knows what’s being pointed at. Kids can have Tag read the entire story to them, read it to them page by page, read specific words, or interact via games and pointing at objects. The Tag reader comes with one book in the box, and works with a library of other Tag-enabled books and learning aids like flash cards. The system is geared toward children 4-8 years but really finds the sweet spot with pre-K and kindergarten kids who are learning to spell, working with word sounds and otherwise starting the reading process.

While kids interact with Tag, it tracks their performance and gives rewards for completing tasks. But you must go through the setup process before these points get associated with your account.

In addition to the book level data, the stepping stone data gives parents information on more global skills like spelling, comprehension and reading basics. Each one of these skills is further broken down into components and each component has specific goals to accomplish. It’s great to be able to glance at the stepping stones to see what is being worked on currently and where progress is being made.

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A video demo of how it works:


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