Last official post sitting in office and type typing away

Today is my last official working day at Pratham Books. Before I leave, I want to thank everyone here. Thanks to the Pratham Books team, I got to try my hand at different things had loads of fun along the way! So what did I learn during my two months here (apart from internship things)?

  • When Arathi says “5 minutes” when we call her for lunch, it could mean anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour.
  • If you come to the Pratham Books office, you had better bring goodies. Compulsory if you work here, not so compulsory but still appreciated if you are just visiting.
  • The chai-walla speaks Tamil. There is no need to struggle to come up with grammatically wrong Hindi sentences to convey what you want because he doesn’t understand Hindi anyway.
  •  If you want to intern at Pratham Books, come in June – July. This way, you’ll be able to celebrate one wedding anniversary AND one birthday. Spend August here and you can add three more birthdays (read cakes) to the list.
  •  Maya and Arathi deserve a special blog/website JUST for their lunches. Arathi’s green rice and sambhar rice, Maya’s mom’s vegetables… YUM!
  •  Blogger doesn’t like me. EVEN if I type everything out painstakingly, and edit it some 4 times, Maya will still have to come and set it right. L   
  • If you are going to Mumbai, please take BK along. Desperately in need of a haircut (and won’t get one anywhere else).
  • Maya and BK give Yakity Yak a complex 😀 
  • There is an ongoing competition between Puttu’s ringtone and Murali’s. Hard to say which one everybody wants to change first!
Thank you, Pratham Books (Mala in particular) for having me here! Hope to see you soon! 
Image Source: Maya 



  1. Anandan Pillai July 29, 2010

    really sweet one!!!

  2. Tharini July 29, 2010

    🙂 it's the least i can do


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