Just a Pinch of salt!

Here’s a little pinch to awaken you to an often neglected facet of parenting: Are your children, and the children around you getting their daily dose of salt? Or rather, Iodine?

Many factors affect children’s ability to read and learn. One of the factors is Iodine, and how much dietary Iodine a child gets. According to UNICEF, Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD)is the single greatest cause of preventable cause of brain damage. Iodine deficiency affects brain development, causing a range of intellectual, motor and hearing deficits. However, the problem is easily and inexpensively prevented by iodizing all salt for human and animal consumption.

October 21 is recognized as Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day. Salt iodization prevents millions of babies from being affected by IDD.

Cereals, milk and other dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and salt provide our daily requirements of iodine.

Pratham Books wishes all its readers,well-wishers and all the children of the world a happy, healthy life.


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