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Nikita Tandon is our newest intern and will be working with the our social media and communications team for a month. Nikita is a communications student studying at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. A love for the outdoors, wildlife and nature, Nikita is interested in doing something in the field of animal rights. She also loves working with children. Nikita kickstarts her blogging experience with the following post on how the connection between Pratham Books and her began much before her internship started.

I am on a four week internship with Pratham Books and I have already learned so much. For starters I learned that Pratham Books has the best variety of books that will catch any ones attention (even a non-reader like me) ! Going through the amazing books I came across the book about Mathama Gandhi – which I feel should be made part of the CBSE curriculum as it is so insightful and colourful and has important dates clearly listed in the end! Each event is under a different heading and very well explained. So much better that those dull history books!

As a part of the community service programme conducted by my high school, we used to go teach children from the slums. They were all keen on learning and were in love with the book. Guess which books they were? Books by Pratham books! They just loved the illustrations and the pictures! They found it easier to read because of the pictures as they acted as cues for the words. The books were very popular amongst the kids.

That’s not all … I also worked with Mathru Blind school in Yelahanaka for a while. There also I found that Pratham Books was very popular. They also converted the books into Braille and audio tapes of the books.

So coming to think of it… I have been linked to Pratham books for a while and now I am interning with them. This feels really great as I loved teaching the children and reading the books with them. If I had been exposed to these books earlier I would surely have taken a liking towards reading =).

Also I have realised that Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other social networks are so effective in building communities. They are not just about chatting and networking but they have so much more to offer. After hearing the stories about Pratham Books I have realised there are no limits. Anything is possible!


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