International Research Grant for Children’s Literature

The Research Grant of US $1,000 encourages research by early career scholars in children’s literature. Applications are welcome from postgraduate students or early career researchers. It is necessary to be a member of the IRSCL to apply for the grant. Eligible activities include literary, historical, cultural, sociological, empirical and pedagogical research.
Applications should include a clear outline of aims, methodology, budget allocation, and expected outcomes. Applications are invited every two years.

Research Grant Guidelines

Applications are welcome from any postgraduate students or early career researchers in the field. It is necessary to be a member of the IRSCL to apply for the research grant. Applications should include a 1000-word description of the research project, and the following information:
  • Name and title, Address, Telephone, fax, email
  • Name of applicant’s institution
  • Whether the research project is being undertaken as part of current postgraduate studies.
  • Supervisor of the applicant’s research project (where applicable).
  • Names and addresses of one academic referee. Please include telephone and fax numbers, and email address. Previous academic record: qualifications at tertiary level, when and where obtained. Applicant’s previous publications in children’s literature (where applicable).
  • Title of the research proposed for the IRSCL Grant.
  • Aims of the research.
  • Methodology
  • A brief summary of research already carried out on the topic with reference to key researchers. How the project will contribute to previous work.
  • Budget showing how the applicant will use US $1,000 and brief justification of budget items.
  • Expected outcomes of the project: planned publication(s), names of journals to which papers(s) arising from the research will be submitted.
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