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India Biodiversity Portal is ‘a unique repository of information on India’s biodiversity’. We also love the fact that the content is under a Creative Commons license.
Via The Better India

India boasts of one of the most amazing biodiversities in the world. The vastly differing terrains and climatic conditions present along the length and breadth of the country gives it a unique flora and fauna, unmatched almost anywhere else in the world. From this one can gauge the enormity of a task like documenting or mapping this biodiversity in any useful format. However, there is one body that has undertaken this daunting task, and is executing it with a commendable effort. This is the India Biodiversity Portal. Currently comprising of about a hundred maps depicting the various aspects of Indian biodiversity, it is an ongoing process of adding new maps and layers to the rapidly growing pool.

Via India Biodiversity Portal

A unique repository of information on India’s biodiversity. It is designed to harness collective knowledge, seek voluntary participation of users and establish a participative system of content generation, verification and usage. The Portal aims to facilitate and enable widespread participation by all citizens in contributing and accessing information on Indian biodiversity, that benefits science and society, contributes to sustainable future; and guide the development and use of this Portal. Your participation is vital.

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Image Source: Subharghya Das


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