In praise of mothers

This Mother’s Day, here’s a curated list of different books that celebrate our first friend, teacher, and guide. From humour, to adventure, to problem-solving, these stories capture many different aspects of the mother-child relationship. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.

Razia Learns to Swim, written by Divya Panicker and illustrated by Lavanya Naidu: Razia must learn to swim. But she’s terrified of water! Join Razia in the lagoon as she kicks, wiggles and floats.


When Will Amma Be Back?, written by Prathiba Swaminathan and illustrated by Alankrita Amaya: Roja’s mother leaves for work early in the day. She promises to be back by bedtime. What will Roja do all day without Amma?

Keya’s Day at the Beach, written by Radha Rangarajan and illustrated by Lavanya Naidu: Join Keya the Soldier Crab as she explores the beach with her Ma, and meets many different crabs.

Satya, Watch Out!, written by  Yamini Vijayan and illustrated by Vishnu M Nair: Jump and crawl and climb with Satya as he goes along with his mother to the farm where she works. A story about the different and wonderful ways in which we move.

Amma, There is a Bat in My Sambar!, written by Menaka Raman and illustrated by Adrija Ghosh: Suppi is not at all happy to see a bat flying about in his house. In fact, he is quite scared of the bat. How can Suppi and Amma get the bat back to her family?

A Friend for Little Goat, written by Sudeshna Shome Ghosh and illustrated by Aratrika Choudhury: Little Goat does not really like going to school. The school is so big, and Little Goat is so little. But he discovers that friends make school a happier place.

The Grumpus Rumpus, written by Reena I. Puri and illustrated by Aratrika Choudhury: Mama Wagtail is worried because her baby Grumpus does not know how to show that he is happy. But how do animals and birds show that they are happy? Find out in this wonderful story about animals and birds.

Kali Wants to Dance, written by Aparna Karthikeyan and illustrated by Somesh Kumar: All Kali wanted to do was dance. But how could he? After all, in his village, boys did not dance, especially not Bharatanatyam. A story about dreams and aspirations and believing in them.

Amma’s Toolkit, written by Nandini Nayar and illustrated by Ashwini Hiremath: When Mini and Tara’s home is flooded because of a broken pipe in the bathroom, Amma comes to the rescue. What’s in Amma’s tool-kit?

Happy Reading!

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