Illustrations. Again.

This time, from the delightful blog run by Tara Goswami, who’s book on Assam we will be publishing soon. Her blog has more

“The ghats, the names, the histories, the colours, the heat and the splendid retreat, the buffalo’s and the boys the babies and their toys, the water and its depth, the dirt and the filth, the joy and the silt, the baba’s and the priests, the burkha’s and the wedding procession, the yoga, the bakery, the meditation and the con artist, the laughter and the frown and people from all over town, the house of Yum and the half cooked meat, the loss , the beauty, the apparition of something ancient, the business man, the tripper, giggles, insults, foreign languages and our own, tip of the trishul, kashi, god, hippy, life, love, ignorance, understanding, music, show, faith, intrigue………………”


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