Hyderabad Graphic Novel Project

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Hyderabad is several cities in one, cities which are contradictory and complementary, cities which extend and exist in dislocations of space and time. The Hyderabad Graphic Novel Project is part of Yugantar’s ‘Archive Hyderabad’ initiative. Our attempt is to capture the stories and images of Hyderabad – to approximate a ‘Memory of the City’ and create an archival clearing house.

The Hyderabad Graphic Novel project is the brainchild of Jasraman Grewal and Jai Undurti of Yugantar, a Hyderabad-based NGO.

In our concept note, we called Hyderabad a city in argument with itself. We hope to produce a narrative incorporating lived, fictitious, and historical stories about and from the city of Hyderabad.

You can read the first issue (“Late Cretaceous Incident”) of the project here or download it from here.

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