Huberta the Hippo: Animal Lore + Art + Children’s Book + A Cause

Children’s book illustrator Sarah Garson coordinated a picture book project to retell the story of Huberta, the hippo.

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Huberta the Hippo is one of South Africa’s most beloved animals. Likely born in Natal, this hippo came to public notice in 1928 when she started wandering for two and a half years down the Natal coast to the eastern Cape — a journey of over 1000 kms.

Using the story of this well-beloved figure of South African animal lore, children’s book illustrator Sarah Garson helped coordinate a children’s picture book project for the Keiskamma Aids and Treatment Centre in Hamburg, South Africa. Hamburg is located on the Keiskamma River and its inhabitants are familiar with Huberta’s tale. Working with patients from the centre, Garson led the group in drawing and doing embroidery about the story. The embroideries were then scanned, text added, and then bound into a picture book. Later, children from the local school contributed to the project by making masks related to the story which were used for performances.

Read the entire story here.

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