How to Attribute An Image On A Birthday Cake

Most of our regular blog readers are probably wondering if we’ve stopped publishing the other stuff we used to earlier. We promise we’ll be back to our regular publishing schedule soon – but for now we are enjoying the immensely diverse stories that we’ve received for the #6FrameStoryChallenge. We hope you are enjoying the wordless stories that land in your inbox or your feed these days too.
For a break, we wanted to share a cute little story of how one of our book covers landed on a cake. Our colleague (Karthik Shankar) is busy working on the open source story platform we are creating and swimming in conversations about technology, Creative Commons, fonts, stories and more. No wonder his son’s birthday cake had an image from one of our Creative Commons licensed books.
When we teased Karthik and asked him if he attributed the tasty derivative according to the license, pat came his reply :

“Attribution was at the top of my mind (considering all the research I’ve been doing recently). Therefore, hit upon the idea that the best way to attribute was with a physical copy of the book. Fortunately, I had ‘The Jungle School’ at home. Once the cake was at the venue, I kept the book next to the cake. Over the next two hours, I initiated *many* conversations about the author, illustrator, Pratham Books and what Creative Commons means.”

Belated Happy Birthday Adhvay! Wishing you a year full of tasty surprises, joyful reading and a lot of fun.
(P.S – We are already wondering what next year’s cake is going to look like. You do know you have lots of options, no?)


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