How StoryWeaver Is Enabling Stories in Multiple Languages

Shrabonti Bagchi reports on how our online platform, StoryWeaver, is providing access to stories in multiple languages – including rare languages.

Via FactorDaily

Translations and languages have emerged as a very important part of the platform’s impact. “One of the most interesting aspects for us has been seeing our books being translated into many rare, tribal languages — and not just Indian ones,” says Suzanne Singh, chairperson, Pratham Books.
Languages like Banjari/Lambadi, Kuruk/Oraon, Gondi, Mundari, Sadri, Santhali and Kora don’t even have a written tradition, and in many cases, no script. Interestingly, some stories have even been translated into Sanskrit, which of course has a vibrant written tradition but very few reading resources for children. At the same time, many translators living outside India have used the platform to translate Pratham’s books into their own languages, such as IsiXhosa, Kiswahili, Olukhayo, Khmer, and Farsi. There are also translations into more mainstream foreign languages like Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.
Pratham Books’ chairperson Suzanne Singh shares more about the journey of the platform…
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