How Can We Support Emergent Readers?

Via The Book Chook

Let children choose! Reading for pleasure is supposed to be just that. Your school might insist on a certain book being practised for homework, but if you take your child to the local library, there will be a great choice of easy readers. Having lots of easy readers to choose from gives your child some ownership over her reading.

Keep books handy and accessible – in the car, on an easy-to-reach shelf in their bedrooms, in the bathroom even. Make sure there are all types of books around all the time, not just at bedtime and not just easy readers. A book makes a great break from boisterous play.

Let children read aloud to you if they want. I know that sometimes the last thing we want as parents is to listen to Ben and Ken Go to Town for the 34th time. But that’s what parents do! We are our children’s greatest supporters, and emergent readers need all our support.

Play games with easy readers. This is especially important if your child isn’t yet a confident reader. Open to any page and read aloud one sentence, swapping a key word for another you make up. “Ben and Ken climbed all the way to the top of the hill banana.” Let your child correct you. Make it fun.

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