HindiGym is a resource that was started by Aarti Chandnani to provide fun, engaging, bilingual and educational materials for learning Hindi.
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I created this website in January 2008 to help other parents, who are trying to teach their kids Hindi; after realizing the lack of really good materials. I not only wanted to make learning Hindi fun for kids, but rather also for parents and teachers to find such materials to teach Hindi.

Sure there are tons of websites and resources out there that provide Hindi materials, but none of them focus on actually being able to write or read Hindi. Most of them are either story books or some animated CD/DVDs with games, songs, etc.

Hence my goal is to create various materails and worksheets that are at par with the other “ABC” or “english books” that our kids are used to. I decided to choose graphics which are not very ethnic, but rather appealing to young kids. All activites, worksheets are geared towards little kids, so they can have fun while they learn.

You can view the free worksheets provided by HindiGym here. If you already have some worksheets, stories or poems, you can contribute to this resource too.

HindiGym also recently released a book titled Hindi Phonics and Vocabulary. It is the second workbook in the series of workbooks and teaches kids beginning sounds and vocabulary through various story-like scenes. It is bilingual with Hindi transliteration, has colorful illustrations and hopes to make Hindi learning a breeze for both Hindi and non-Hindi speakers alike.


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