Grammarman to the Rescue

Tana na na na na na… Tana na na na na na na…. GRAMMARMAN!!

This mysterious hero defends Verbo City from the enemies of grammar, whenever they show their ugly faces. He has the ability to detect errors – just like Spiderman can sense when danger is near. Grammarman is also the world’s greatest reader, and can sometimes read thoughts.

Grammarman is helped by his buddies ‘Alpha-bot’ and ‘Syntax’ to fight against the bad guys (Anna Gramme, The Article Ants, The Interrupter, Uncle Uncountable, Sammy Colon, Rotten Apple and Bad Egg).

You can read all about Grammarman’s adventures in the six Grammarman comics available on the site. While you read the comics, you will notice that there is something wrong with the sentences and dialogues. And that is where you come into the picture. Help Grammarman defend Verbo City!

Tana na na na na na Tana na na na na na na…. GRAMMARMAN!!

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  1. Dhimant Parekh March 13, 2009

    I am the founder of The Better India (www.thebetterindia.com) and came across your link via Twitter (thanks for following us on twitter by the way!)

    I am also the author of an e-book, which you can download for free here: http://www.sketchstories.com

    It would be great to hear your feedback on this e-book of mine.

    Dhimant parekh

  2. Maya March 16, 2009

    Hi Dhimant,

    Thanks for visiting our blog and thanks for the link to your e-book.


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