Good luck, Radha!

Radha HS, the author of one of our more recent books “The Onion Shawl”, has recently been shortlisted for two of her stories by smories.com as part of a competition. Smories are free, original stories by kids read by kids. You can read more about Smories here.

Radha’s first story, “Many Uses of a Paintbrush” is about a little boy called Raj, who tries to paint, but everyone seems to borrow his paintbrush for some reason or the other. “There is light in the night” is about Netra, who is over at Priya’s for a sleepover, except that neither can sleep for Netra cannot sleep with the light on, and Priya cannot sleep with the light off! You can listen to these stories here and here. Prizes are awarded to the most watched stories (as part of the competition) in the month ahead. Good luck, Radha!
P.S: You can buy Radha HS’s “The Onion Shawl” here. The book is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Urudu, Marathi and Gujarati.
Image Source: Smories

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