A Girl Story : A Donation Based Film to Help Underprivileged Girls in India

Via A Girl Story

A Girl Story is a unique donation-based film that brings to life the experience of many underprivileged girls in India. This particular story is told through the eyes of Tarla, a young girl who simply wants to go to school and receive an education. Our project’s goals are to raise awareness about the challenges that girls like Tarla face, and to drive donations for the nonprofit group Project Nanhi Kali.
Q: How does A Girl Story work?

A: Tarla’s story will progress only by audience donations unlocking new chapters. Just like Tarla, each girl at Project Nanhi Kali depends on donors to progress, stay in school, and complete her education.

Q: Who is Tarla?

A: Tarla is a fictional girl who represents the plight and struggles of tens of thousands of underprivileged girls in India. Many will never get an education; instead they’ll likely experience gender discrimination and forced labor, with some girls also facing early marriage, and in certain areas even slavery or terrorism.

You can watch all the episodes of this film that have been unlocked by people’s donations here. Visit the ‘A Girl Story‘ website.

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