The Fiction Project

The Brooklyn Art Library is conducting the first ever Art House literary project.
Via art house co-op

This project is a sister project to The Sketchbook Project. The Fiction Project sets its sights on literature and creating a narrative book that fuses writing with art.

Each book submitted will be housed at the Brooklyn Art Library in Red Hook.

The only rules are that your book must be 51% writing based, the journal we send you is used in some way, and that it stays the same size when closed (5.5×8.5 inches). We encourage mixing writing with art.

When you sign up, your book will be randomly assigned a theme. This is just a guideline to give you a gentle push in a direction. You are by no means absolutely bounded to this theme. You can even be as loose as using words from the theme in your story.

After you sign up to participate in the project, we’ll mail you a package containing a lined Moleskine sketchbook with a barcode on it, a randomly picked theme to create your book around, and detailed instructions about the project.

Entry fee is $18 for a United States shipping address and $21 if it is shipped over seas.

If you are interested in participating in this project, you have to sign up by 15th February, 2009. Read more about the project here.

Image Source: artbwf (Image from the moleskin Sketchbook project)


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