Anahita Lee:

I wanted to share with you just how much the children of the schools that I work with enjoy reading Pratham Books.

They day begins with story time – when the teacher reads aloud a story to the class after which they usually do a quick exercise: an illustration, a reflection, a group discussion – on the story that they heard.

The books are so reasonably priced that the libraries can afford to have multiple copies of the books. This means that the class can read as one and the children can share their thoughts and ideas about the stories.. Even library periods have become more interactive as the children read the same titles together.

The stories in the Read India Series are brilliant. They are well written, they have beautiful illustrations and the quality of printing and paper is excellent. The language and content are age appropriate and the themes lend themselves to social studies, environment studies and value education. In fact, at the school we have designed our environment education classes on stories like: Chasing the Plastic Pisach, The Case of the Healing Herbs, Danger in the Forest, It’s Fair to Share. Similarly value education lesson plans have been drawn up around: The Man Who Thought He Was Smarter Than His Wife, From Kolapur to Beijing, Why Does Gopal Get Angry? Other books like Ganga Ki Lehren, Beaks of Birds and the Once Upon A Time In India series support text book material in subjects like social studies and science. As a learning resource, these books are invaluable – they bring lessons to life.

Once again, thank you so much for the support you have extended in bringing these stories to the children.

Thank you, Anahita, for your kind words.

Please do write in with your feedback on our books.

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