Favorite Techie Cartoons of 2008

Time for a good laugh. We found this on Wired : “Our 12 (Or So) Favorite Techie Cartoons of 2008“.

If it seems like technology and cartoon humor don’t fit as well together as crusty old millionaires and big-boob gold-diggers, it’s probably true.

The principles that drive tech innovation are based on a certain amount of hopeful enthusiasm that is hard to make fun of sometimes. Many new gadgets focus on dry accumulative hardware developments that are technically dense and the personalities driving them are often, on the surface, quite serious.

But with a skillful drawing, a great cartoonist can find insightful humor in anything. And often, the artist expresses commentary that can be more than funny. It can be reflective, mocking, or brutally honest in a single panel of narrative.

Apart from listing out their favourite cartoons, it also brings the stories related to these cartoons (like the price of gas, the world of robotics, internet and students, etc). Go ahead and see what cartoons made this list.


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