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Village tales
Anupama Ramakrishnan takes us to the village of Jhilmil where adventures wait at the drop of a hat!

The Case Of The Healing Herbs’, ‘In Search of the Rain Woman’, ‘Chasing The Plastic Pisach and ‘Danger in the Forest’– all stories by Sumathi Sudhakar– take the young reader on an interesting trip through the wonderful world that we live in. Through catchy narrative, the story leads us to the village of Jhilmil where Jeeva and his brother Jatin lives. Their friends, the animals who live in the forest, add colour to their adventures. The stories take interesting twists and turns. But all’s well that ends well. In ‘The Case of the Healing Herbs’ sickness sweeps through Jhilmil. With the entry of the grandmother and her medicines, everybody is fine except Uncle Venu. So the brothers go in search of the Medicine Man and then the Baba and the Ageless Granny with great difficulty. They do get the cure. And the cure lies in herbs. The story stresses the importance of traditional and herbal medicines.

These four books are a good read as it tell us in a simple manner how man and animals can co-exist, how we should protect nature and the good and bad side of certain things. Stories by Sumathi Sudhakar Illustrations by Arka Prabha Roy Chowdhury, Pages 16, Rs 25 Publisher: Pratham Books To read full review click here


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