Educational Comic Books about Space

Firstly, mark your calendars…and circle tomorrow’s date (12th August, 2010). Why? Because the Perseid meteor shower takes place tomorrow (Read more here). Yipeeeee! Hope you let your kiddos stay awake to see what promises to be a beautiful spectacle. We hope that the weather gods cooperate and we have clear skies to look at.

Star gazers should prepare themselves to sacrifice sleep on Thursday night to watch the Perseid meteor shower expected when the earth passes through the debris of comet Swift Tuttle, with predictions of a shooting star every second at the peak of the celestial spectacle.

On that note, we’ve found a fun range of FREE comics (in English, Italian, French, German and Japanese) to whet your child’s interest about space.


CAWSES-II is an international program sponsored by SCOSTEP (Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics) established with an aim of significantly enhancing our understanding of the space environment and its impacts on life and society.

As part of Capacity Building effort, a series of educational comic books have been produced under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Y. Kamide.

Click here to read/download the comics.


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