Donate An Old Book Campaign

Via Osocio

Nice campaign for HOPE Worldwide India. The idea was based on a simple thought that “An old book is new to people who haven’t read it”. To execute the idea, agency Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd gathered several old books and packaged them exactly like new ones. Wrapped in transparent plastic sheets, the books were placed among the new books in about 50 popular book shops in Delhi, India. On stumbling upon the old books every reader was greeted with an inspiring message that urged him to donate his old books. The response was delightful. Hundreds felt touched and registered. The idea acted as a trigger, readers who could see the difference, could make a difference.

In 2 months, HOPE collected 30,000 books. With an average packaging cost of 1 cent/book, it was also one of the most economical ideas that clicked. The HOPE worldwide India’s website recorded 8000 hits in the first few days itself.

The Message on the adhesive:
“For many, your old book is as good as new
Donate an old book today”

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