Did You Know… from ‘Nature’s Webmasters’

Did you know that…

The Ant-mimic spider looks just like an ant, and lives with ants in their nests. When the ants are not looking, it quickly devours one of its hosts and pretends as if nothing has happened!

The Fishing spider dangles its front legs in the water and pounces on any fish that comes up to investigate the movement.

The Trapdoor spider sinks a silken shaft into the ground topped off with a silken trapdoor. It lurks just under the door and when it hears an insect march over it, leaps out and drags it down.

(Excerpts taken from Nature’s Webmasters, Written by Ranjit Lal, Illustrated by Sanjay Sarkar, Published by Pratham Books, 2008).

Read this fascinating account about the life of spiders in Ranjit Lal’s inimitable style! Packed with information and interesting facts about nature’s original webmaster.

Recommended age group: 11-14 years. This book is available at www.prathambooks.org


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