Did you Celebrate Odd Day?

Neatorama pointed out that it was Odd Day yesterday. No wonder I got a free auto ride yesterday (well, it was only for a short distance). Yes, a free auto ride in Bangalore. Imagine! Odd, isn’t it? A colleague’s grandmother dispelled a certain food myth he had. We also missed our Twittering Thursday post (But do not worry, that post will go up today.)

Trivia collectors may want to find out facts about all the odd things the world celebrates. Mother’s Day has become quite famous, but not many know that May 10th this year is also ‘Clean Up Your room Day’. Now isn’t that odd? Or is it, considering that a clean room is one of the best gifts any mother would want. And what’s special about May 7, 2009? Yesterday was 5/7/09, one of a few times when three consecutive odd numbers make up the date. It’s one of only six times this will happen in the century. This is the third in this century. If you love numbers, or even if you find number-lovers really odd people, the thing to do is celebrate the day. Do something really odd! And do something nice too, like checking out our ‘Happy Maths’ Series. You can read the books here, here, here and here. And if you like them, you can hop over to our website and order them here.
P.S: Its’ odd, but Upesh Pradhan, one of the illustrators of the ‘Happy Maths’ Series authored by Mala Kumar collects…well, odd movies! And whenever people read this description about him they say, “Don’t you mean OLD movies?” NO! He really means ODD!



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