A Contest from Taranauts!

Here’s an exciting new contest! Can you create an awesome new word for us in Taratongue? You can? Great! If we like your word, our author Roopa Pai will use it inTaranauts Book 3 – The Secret of the Sparkl Amethysts, which should be out in the stores in August. AND – your name will appear in the book too, as the super word inventor who invented the word! And we will interview you for our website www.taranauts.com. Plus you win fabulous prizes. Cool, huh?

What should the awesome new word mean, you ask. Well, err, it should mean – AWESOME! Why, you ask. Well, because, you see, we simply do NOT have a word for it in Taratongue. And we love the way all you earthkins keep saying AWESOME! when you like something. So we want our own AWESOME! Makes sense, right?

Now here are the contest rules.

1. The word should mean AWESOME.
2. It should also SOUND like it means ‘Awesome’. For instance, ‘Yuckthoo!’ doesn’t SOUND like it means ‘Awesome’, does it now?
3. It should – preferably – be a combo word. That means it should be made up of two words – one from English and one from any Indian language. Like… ummm… ‘Wahwahsum!’  which is a combo of ‘Wah wah!’ in Hindi / Urdu and ‘Awesome’ in English, or ‘Sakktastic!’ which is combo of ‘Sakkath!’ in Kannada and ‘Fantastic!’ in English.
4. It should -preferably – have no more than 10 letters. Of course, if you come up with a wahwahsum word which has 11 letters, send it on – we won’t disqualify you or anything.
5. That’s it!

Your entries should reach us latest by the 18th of June 2010 – that’s A WEEK FROM NOW! The winning entries will be announced by the 30th of June. When you mail us back at this address with your entries, make sure you include your full name, age, school, city and contact number.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your word-inventing caps and start Taratonguing!!!


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